Team Move was founded in 2005. Our mission was to form a fitness organization that would motivate others to exercise and bring the community together. The original acronym for the word “MOVE” in the beginning stages of the company stood for “Motivating Others Via Exercise.


The goal from the beginning was to stand out and be innovative in every program that was developed. Team Move was approached by many that asked if they offered popular classes at the time like “Jazzercise” or a “Step” class. But that was not the goal of the company. Instead it was to create classes that were innovative and different from the rest.


Soon they developed their first two signature fitness classes “Swim X” and “Stretch & Stride.” But they didn't stop there. Team Move continued to evolve and soon developed their Personal Training, Move Camp, Swim lessons, and Workplace Wellness programs. Team Move continues to innovate and set the bar high not only in the fitness field, but in overall experience and customer service.


Team Move's philosophy is old school and rather simple. We believe in exercise, eating healthy, and living an overall healthy lifestyle. And we achieve our client's goals using these principles.

For those reasons alone Team Move has turned down countless companies trying to promote and sell their supplements and products to us. We're not here to sell you, we're here to give you the best experience possible because you deserve it. And we definitely don't use catch phrases such as "lean" or "ripped" around here because we believe that those words shouldn't define the shape that a person is in. We continue to evolve and change the way fitness is done.