Personal Training

What makes our Trainers stand apart from the rest? Do they have chiseled physiques and look great in a tank top? They're in great shape, but that's not it. Are they former world champions in their sport with 1,567,890 Facebook followers? That's definitely not it either, and who the heck has that many followers anyway? Our Trainers are most successful in getting results because of two simple things. They listen and pay attention to detail.


All our Trainers are certified with years of experience. We create programs that are realistic and that fits into your lifestyle. We take into account things like your goals, work schedule, and family time; and we give you something that compliments them all. We don't believe in just giving you some fancy exercises that you saw in a magazine. We use functional movement patterns that are safe and effective, along with exercises that make sense. Our Trainers are here to guide you in the right direction, and to make sure you get to your goals safely.


More Info

Please contact us for more information on this program, and to set up your complimentary consultation and training session. The consultation consists of you meeting with one of our trainers to go over your goals and to see how we can help. We also offer a complimentary training session so that you can get a feel of what its like before you decide on anything. At Team Move we do not believe in any high pressure sales tactics, we just want to help you find what works best for you. Sessions are subject to availability of Trainers