Workplace Wellness


Work FIT

Let's face it, after a long day of work the last thing you want to do is travel anywhere for a workout. But what if the workout could come to you? Our Work FIT program brings the convenience of having your very own Personal Trainer come to your workplace, or teach via online zoom classes.


Are you an Employer that truly cares about your employees health and well being? If so, did you know that a workplace wellness program has many benefits such as reduced health care costs, increased productivity, and decreased employee absenteeism? Your Employees are truly the best investment that you can make in your company. Get together a group of friends or fellow co-workers for weekly workouts with a Team Move Trainer!

More Info

Please contact us first for more information on this program. You must have a minimum of four people in a group. Classes start as low as $65/month per person for a group training session. Sessions are subject to availability of Trainer and group.